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Posted: 03/09/2010 at 8:05:33 pm


I am a graphic design student at California College of the Arts, in San Francisco, CA and I am currently taking a class called "Alternative Bodies," which explores design and populations of people who design needs are not considered "mainstream" and are thus ignored. 

The population I have chosen is female athletes, specifically women and girls who play a sport that has been considered a traditionally male-only sports, wrestling. Women's wrestling is beginning to attract more attention, especially now that it's an Olympic event, yet it also seems that women wrestlers are still often ignored as athletes and/or often struggle to defy and challenge stereotypes and assumed gender roles.

My project proposal is to create a branding campaign for a company that is dedicated to addressing the needs of these particular female athletes, a company that could sell equipment and clothing for women wrestlers and help to fulfill the needs female wrestlers deal with.

As part of my research for this project, I would love some feedback to the following questions:

1) Where do you currently buy equipment for practices and competitions? 

2) Are you able to find the appropriate equipment for yourself at these companies?

3) Is there any equipment or clothing that you wish could better suit your performance needs?

4) Why do you wrestle? What do you like about the sport?

5) What obstacles have you overcome to participate in this sport?

6) As a female wrestler, do you have other needs other than equipment or gear that you feel are inadequately addressed?

7) Do you see advertisements, commercials, companies that portray women's wrestling in a way that you identify with? Or in a way that you dislike?

Any comments or insight you have into this would be most appreciated! Thank you for helping me!

Please feel free to forward this along to whomever.

Many thanks,

Anita Sarrett

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