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BGSU end of the Season Review

04/08/2012 -

Bowling Green started with 15 talented young athletes entering the season and wrestled well though not quite the season we had hoped for. in 2012-13 we see a lot of promising things to come. The school is moving toward more fully funding the program next year! Were looking to actually have our own mats, score clocks, scales, and more. But before I talk about next season let's wrap up this season.as the season went on we had a few injuries and a couple of kids went ineligible. So we continued to adjust our roster and try to pick up the pieces. We ended up having two season ending injuries which put our hopes to compete at National Duals to the end. So we gathered what we had and took 5 guys down to Dalton,GA to compete at the Nationals Duals. I thought we were the only team going through this, but apparently Cincinnati and Toledo University were seeing similar problems. We lost some close matches to a few teams, but we ended up coming out on top for our final match with a 24-23 win over our arch rival Toledo. While the match was mostly forfeits back and forth, it's still nice to say we capped it off with a win over a rival. We ended up sending only 3 men and 2 women to conference. Women didn't have to compete at conference, so therefore automatically qualified for the Nationals Tournament. Our 3 men (Ben Bembry, Jeff Smith, and Michael Webber) did alright, but came up just short of automatically qualifying. Michael and Jeff both wrestled at 133 and Ben wrestled at 197. Michael and Jeff finish the day off wrestling each other for 9th and 10th place, in which Michael came out on top with a pin in the 3rd period. Michael & Jeff both received emails asking them to wrestle at the 2012 NCWA Nationals. I think NCWA decided to extend 133 brackets this year, there were alot of extra wrestlers in their weight class. Anyways, Nationals this year was in Daytona Beach, Fl where I heard no complaints from the guys of course. Jeff went 1-2, he won his second match catching a kid with a head and arm and then lost his third match because he got caught with the same move. Michael went 0-2, just wasn't able to get on top in the match with a very close lost at the end. Both had very tough seeded kids with not doing very well at Conference.

From the women's side: I thought they both wrestled very well. Our women wrestlers were Sam Decker 130 and Christine Smith 121. Sam is a freshmen with no prior experience. She's a tough wrestler and will push you to the wall. She has a lot of fight in her, just needs more experience. She went 0-2 this year, but I believe that this certainly does not represent how good this girl is. She was dominating her second match only to get stuck at the end of the match. This freshmen will come on strong next year. Christine Smith is a Sophomore with a little more experience than others with wrestling over at Wade HS. She went 1-2 in the biggest weight class there at Nationals with 12 girls. She like Sam got caught and got pinned at the end of a match. She didn't reach her goals, certainly knows what needs to be done in order to succeed next year. Both Sam and Christine both are working on expanding the women's program here in Ohio which looks to continue to expand next year with a few more women.

Next year Looks to be very good, with several HS students checking out our program. We are working on restructuring the program in order to offer students more group workouts and team events. Past students we exhausted of wrestling week in and week out. So we are going to continue to have a complete schedule, just with a few more breaks in the schedule in order to allow students to connect outside of wrestling. I've also received emails about the women's program, it looks to add a few more people to their roster next year. One new things we are working on is having wrestling practice next year on campus, and holding all meets on campus. Finally BGSU Wresting will be back on Campus were it belongs.