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NCWA Approves Washington State University Wrestling

06/25/2012 -

As of June 2012, Washington State University has officially become a member of the NCWA. As the fourth NCWA program in the state of Washington, we are thrilled to add to the state’s growing interest in the sport of wrestling. The prospect of wrestling at one of Washington’s largest universities has stirred up excitement all over the state. The level of interest received prior to the club’s official formation has been encouraging, and, if it is any indication of things to come, we anticipate a very successful first year.

We are thankful for the amount of support we have already received from across the state. Folks are eager to see use succeed and are offering help to ensure that we do. Our program’s successful development has been largely due to the efforts of team founder, Brett Johnson. Brett, a Port Townsend native and multiple time state placer, is one of several seasoned high school wrestlers on board with the program. Along with our club president is our team treasurer and Ridgefield native Zack Anderson, our secretary and Sunnyside native Emmanuel Tejeda, and head coach Matthew David. We are excited for our first season, eager to compete and ready to wrestle.