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Northwest Conference Teams Fight for #1

12/03/2013 -

In this second year after reinstatement the Northwest Conference looks like a horse race and itís anyoneís guess which team will finish in first place in March. We start the Pre-Season polling with returning conference Champion Central Washington University who won the Region tournament and finished a strong 5th place among Division 2 teams at the top of the pile. The NW Region returns 3 All-Americans in 157 # 6th place, Nick Bendon-SR, Central Washington, Douglas College- 7th-235# Parmvir Dhesi- SO. and Montana Western- Hwt- 7th, Harley Fandrich- SO. In addition to All Americans there are 8 returning Region Champions 4 each for Washington State University and Central Washington University. Thatís the way the competition looks for the 2013-2014 Pre-season.
On November 23rd, Eastern Washington University hosted the 2nd annual EWU Open and the surging team appeared to be WSU- Washington State University who boasted 4 Champions, 1 second and 1- 3rd place. Rookie Club, The University of Idaho was strong with 2 champions, 3- 2nd placers and 1-3rd place wrestler. Both Central Washington and Montana Western had 2 Champions and 2- 2nd placers.
The following day the always tough Spokane Open with 24 teams in attendance and Montana Western was at the top of the pile with 44.5 points in 11th position followed by Washington State University with 31 points in 13th place and finally Central Washington in 14th place with 25 points.