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BGSU Wrestling News Vol. 1

03/14/2007 -


Vol. I
Bowling Green, Ohio
November 2006

We are delighted to report the ongoing rebirth of wrestling at Bowling Green State University as the BGSU Wrestling Club continues in its second season. The team has eleven competitions scheduled for 2006-2007, culminating with the National Collegiate Wrestling Association National Championships to be held March 8-10, 2007 in Dallas, Texas.

The BGSU Wrestling Club is a member of the NCWA, comprised of over one hundred and twenty university and college wrestling clubs throughout the country. We are a member of the North Central Conference of the NCWA, consisting of twenty teams, including those from Ohio State University, University of Toledo, Miami University and last year’s NCWA National Champion, Grand Valley State University.

To perhaps better explain collegiate “club” wrestling and the NCWA, we are attaching an article entitled “NCWA Addresses Loss of College Wrestling Opportunities” published in Wrestling USA. The article explains how the BGSU Wrestling program was formed, and outlines the structure and support which the NCWA provides to such programs across the country.

The team is fortunate to be able to practice at a newly completed wrestling facility on the Bowling Green High School campus thanks to the generous cooperation of the Bowling Green High School, where we also hold our home competitions. All of our coaches and advisers are volunteers who receive no compensation for the time they devote to the BGSU Wrestling program.

As explained in our initial contact with you, the team is entirely self-funded with all of the funds raised going to support the team through the payment of expenses such as entry fees, travel costs, singlets, etc. This year presents the added challenge of funding what we hope to be a trip for several of our wrestlers who qualify for the NCWA National Championships in Dallas.

This season we have twenty-one wrestlers on the team, including several state qualifiers and multiple-time district qualifiers. Our present roster consists of: Rudy Corpus, Freshman 125; Rolando Corpus Freshman, 125; Craig Marker, Sophomore 133; Daniel Elkins, Sophomore 133; Anthony Nicholson, Junior 141; Daniel Wise, Freshman 141; Daniel Mundrick, Senior 149; Justin Miller, Freshman 149; Ryan Harden, Freshman 149; Jordan Vogel, Senior 157; Raymond Crilley, Senior 157; Jason McAllister, Junior 157; Scott Liechty, Sophomore 165; Domenic Varricchio, Freshman 165; Adam Bellflower, Freshman 165; Blaine Napier, Junior 174; Branden Crisp, Senior 174; Jared Voldness, Sophomore 184; Michael Robles, Senior 197; Ray Rossman, Junior 235 and Zachary Johnson, Junior 285.

We are moving in to the second, and most intensely competitive portion of our season. Our next newsletter will provide a year-to-date summary of match and tournament results.

Thank you again for your support of BGSU Wrestling.