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Clemson Wrestling

11/28/2007 -

The Clemson NCWA Wrestling Program was established in 2003 by Matt Finley after the loss of the NCAA Team back in the 80's. Finley ran the club until he graduated. This school year Sam Wyatt has taken over the coaching responsibilities for the Tigers. Practices are held three times a week at the new campus recreation facility called Fike Recreation. Our numbers flucuate depending on class schedules and study time , but generally run between 12-15 people a week coming out to practice. Wyatt said "Students have projects, exams, and tests so I donít expect them to make it to every practice. Especially, since they are all out here for the pure love of the sport and are not getting scholarships." Some wrestlers do not actually want to compete. They just want to stay in shape and they love wrestling. Competition wise the Tigers do compete in individual tournaments so everyone who wants to wrestle competitively has that opportunity. When we have enough for a full team we will compete in dual matches. So far this year Clemson has competed in the Georgia Tech Open Pre-season tournament. Freshman 184 pound Alex Rivchun posted the best showing, going 2 and 2 in the event. We hope to participate in more individual tournaments by the end of the year and in the spring. We also plan to take as many wrestlers as are eligible to the Mid-Atlantic Conference Championships at University of Maryland-Baltmore County on March 1st.