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Southwest Conference Wrestler Spotlight

12/05/2007 -

With the 07-08 season having begun in the Southwest Conference, let us take an inside look into the life of one of its stars.

Joshua Kotter, a junior from Mandieville, LA, 2006-2007 NCWA All-American from LSU, shares a little bit about himself with us.

Fareed Hawwa: So how many years have you been wrestling?

Josh Kotter: I have been wrestling since I was a freshman in high school, so 8 years.

FH: What or who made you decide to ever want to wrestle?

Kotter: Actually, it was my friend Joey Stutson, who is a walk-on for the LSU football team. We were on the freshman football team together in high school, and he talked me into joining the team with him.

FH: What is your fondest memory of your wrestling career thus far?

Kotter: That's a tough one. My senior year my good friend Caleb Levee and I were the first two state champions from Mandeville High School; I also was voted OW for the tournament. A close second would be becoming LSU's first All-American along with Travis Olinde.

FH: What do you think separates wrestling from other sports?

Kotter: Wrestling is probably the hardest sport there is physically and mentally. Wrestlers don't just wrestle one match a week; they are up against as many as 5-6 matches in one day. Not only do you have to be in top physical condition to be able to do that, but you have to be mentally prepared for every single match. You cannot afford to overlook someone, or let a loss get to you for too long.

FH: Who (besides yourself) is your favorite wrestler and why?

Kotter: Rulon Gardner. As a wrestler and a person. He defeated previously undefeated Aleksandr Karelin in the 2000 Olympics, and has persevered though so much to get were he is today. He might be the toughest man in the world.

FH: What are some of your goals for this year on the mat?

Kotter: I want to improve on my wrestling ability and learn as much as I can about what it takes to win in this sport. Hopefully, I will be an All-American again.

FH. Who is your biggest influence?

Kotter: I don't think I can really name one person. A lot of people have influenced me. Definitely my parents, high school wrestling coaches, and pastors.

FH: Aside from wrestling, what do you like to do in your free time? I like to watch the Discovery Channel, read my Bible, just hang out and waste time

FH: What is your favorite movie?

Kotter: Gladiator

FH: Thanks for your time.

Kotter: No prob.