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New Haven Chargers Launch Program

08/13/2008 -

With approval from school administration and the National Collegiate Wrestling Association, the University of New Haven Wrestlers have become one of the newest members to the NCWA. One of the first orders of business for the program is to grow their competition schedule for this years athletes. Alex Nagy, who is the founder and coach of the Chargers program, started the team last year. It took him the entire fall semester to gather together students, wrestlers and boosters to purchase a competition wrestling mat. Since then, the chargers have had and average of 8 wrestlers at every practice. Alex has put together a solid group and expects to get more interested wrestlers either experienced or inexperienced enrolled at New Haven this fall. "Our goal is to bring more attention to the sport of wrestling in Connecticut" said Nagy. When the wrestling club first started many detractors thought that the program would fall through, but Coach Nagy has done a lot of work recruiting this past year. "NCWA is a great organization for colleges with growing wrestling programs said Coach Nagy, "We will be able to compete against teams from all across the Nation". Alex believes that the upcoming season will prove, not only to him, but also his wrestlers, how intense the competition is within NCWA . Alex has set lofty competition goals for his team and believes that those goals can be achieved. With the Northeast Conference getting bigger and bigger each season, the Chargers know that their road is going to be tough. Regardless the UNH Chargers are very pleased and excited to members of the NCWA and can't wait for the season to get under way. "We are here to compete, Lets get it on."