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All Roads Lead to Dayton

09/12/2009 -

Continuing with the success of the first “Flyer Invitational Tournament,” the University of Dayton Wrestling team will play host to their 2nd Annual early season event. Set aside the date, because all roads will lead to Dayton on the 14th of November. Last year’s field consisted of NCWA powerhouses from across the Midwestern United States. These teams included: Oakland University, Bowling Green, and Southern Virginia, along with several other teams making a field of 10. Because the event was run extremely smooth and efficiently, the Flyers intend to enhance the size of the tournament to a 16 team invitational. Increasing everything from the preceding year, Dayton will bring in an additional mat, along with 33% more volunteers to account for the number of teams. The host school Dayton ran away with the tournament title last year, with champions in 4 weight classes, and 4 other placers. A few new additions to the event include laser engraved crystal trophies for the champions at each weight, medals for 2nd and 3rd, a 12” “Cup Style” award for the 2nd place team, and a 14” “Cup Style” award for the team champions.