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Texas Tech puts 3 Wrestlers in Medal Round

11/22/2010 -

The Texas Tech Red Raiders competed in Arlington, Texas this past weekend at the Southwest Open. Caleb Andrews, 3-1 on the day, finished strong with a 3rd place finish. Caleb's victories included wins over NAIA and NCAA D2 college wrestlers. In the Consolation finals match an illegal suplex landed him on his side, redamaging an existing rib injury. Tyler N. Lemm(3-1) and Tim Mcalister(3-1) both competed in the 157 weight class, and eventually met each other in the consolation finals. However choose to share the 3rd place title and not wrestle against each other. With high expectations,head coach Kyle Kuby and the Red Raiders were successful in their first cross divisional outing, but were disappointed that they were unable to bring back a gold medal to Lubbock. With the first college competition of this season behind them, the team will surely be better prepared when they compete in their next scheduled wrestling tournament, in the second semester.