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Lehigh University Club Wrestling Team in Trouble

11/29/2010 -

Four years ago when I applied to Lehigh University, my decision was certainly influenced by the prestige of its varsity wrestling team. I had hoped that if I had time, I might walk into the program. Id get to wrestle even if I did not possess the skills to start. When engineering classes began and the time that I would need to dedicate to my classes became clear, I turned to the club wrestling program. What I found was shocking. It was virtually nonexistent! A couple guys would meet a few times a week and roll for about an hour. They talked big talk of organizing the team and starting to compete. Needless to say, nothing ever happened.
I watched, two years back to back, as twenty or so people would begin in the room in the early months of the semester. Then, as they all realized their efforts would be for nothing because there was no hope of competing, their numbers dwindled quickly. I had had enough. I legitimately founded the organization.
Last year, the 2009 to 2010 season, was our first officially. It was a learning experience. Fall semester included trial and error, trying to get everything correct. The team should be registered correctly, the schedule needed to be built, and the team had to be united. During the spring semester, the team participated in a tri-match and several tournaments. It seemed that we were on the right track, until this year took off.
The initial weeks showed promise; lots of new faces signed up, and all the old ones did too. All the protocols were being followed and there were twelve to twenty bodies in the room each night. Thats where the good news ends. Our numbers dropped down to eight to twelve, then to six, finally to three including myself. Time was made to register the crew with the NCWA but less than a handful showed and registered. So unfortunately, although scheduling matches and attending tournaments was the plan, that plan is now out of reach. What could be said when trying to schedule a match with another coach save for Im sorry. If only I had a team.
Hopefully, I will be able to rudely awaken the alleged members of the team. If in these next two weeks no progress is made, only myself and two other wrestlers will be attending only the open tournaments.