Wayne State College 66 v University of North Florida 0       Longwood University 24 v Bridgewater College 12       Longwood University 21 v Hampden-Sydney College 12       University of Notre Dame 26 v University of Pittsburgh 24       Wayne State College 20 v Marion Military Institute 33       University of Notre Dame 13 v University of Michigan 42       Wayne State College 19 v The Apprentice School 28       University of Notre Dame 27 v University of Wisconsin - Madison 23       Wayne State College 42 v University of Maryland / Baltimore County 20       Wayne State College 51 v University of Toledo 6       

The NCWA Officials Bio

Pete Stafford
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Name:Pete Stafford
Address:7101 Bonny Kate Drive
Years Officiated:45
Levels Officiated:High School, College
States Officiated:Tennessee & Kentucky
Certifications:Certified by TSSAA High School Athletic Association
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