Towson State University 9 v The Apprentice School 39       Towson State University 34 v University of Maryland / Baltimore County 27       Towson State University 3 v Rowan University 41       University of South Florida 27 v University of Connecticut 15       Virginia Military Institute 33 v Bridgewater College 12       Virginia Military Institute 42 v Hampden-Sydney College 6       Virginia Military Institute 36 v Longwood University 18       University of North Texas 4 v Middle Tennessee State University 59       University of Texas at Arlington 24 v Marion Military Institute 31       University of Maryland / Baltimore County 20 v Wayne State College 42       

University of Tennessee at Knoxville Travel Fundraiser


Book Travel Now

The NCWA now has their own on-line travel site ( with competitive pricing just like Travelocity, Expedia and Orbitz with all the same features and functionality as the national sites where you can book all your travel needs going to all the cities and vacation destinations you could think of worldwide.

Each time the NCWA Travel site is used to purchase any travel or any of the services listed below, the NCWA will share a portion of the agency commissions it receives with that NCWA Association member.

Money will be generated for your association when any travel is booked through the NCWA Travel site - Dollars go to your Association instead of to one of the national travel sites!

Click on this link to support the NCWA by booking all your travel needs on our exclusive travel website.

If all things are equal...
  • Competitive price
  • Same Seat on the Airplane
  • Same Room at the Resort, Cruise or Hotel
  • Same online convenience and functionality for booking
  • Wouldn't you rather... book your travel needs on NCWA Travel's site, instead of one of the highly advertised sites where you don't know anyone and you won't be bring in the much needed dollars to support your Association. Remember, if all things are equal; why not book your travel with NCWA Travel.
  • All major Airlines (61 in all), hotel and resorts (over 55,000), and all available car rentals
  • Cruises with all the major cruise lines (Carnival, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Lines - 9 in all)
  • All-inclusive resorts
  • Last minute weekend escapes
  • The ability to send flowers, order passports and visas, set golf tee times and sight seeing tours, foreign currency exchange and much MORE!

NCWA Travel's pricing is what's called front loaded, which means that the price you see includes all taxes and all fees, be careful when you're comparing prices. Not all travel agencies front load their pricing; the ones that don't back load there pricing, which means the price you see on their site does not include the taxes and fees. The additional fees get added at the end during the payment process.

Click on this link to support the NCWA by booking all your travel needs on our exclusive travel website.