University of Southern California 23 v University of Arizona 41       University of Arizona 27 v Dixie State College 31       University of Arizona 33 v Glendale Community College 23       Valley Forge Military College 6 v Temple University 47       Middle Tennessee State University 13 v The Apprentice School 22       University of Central Florida 15 v Liberty University 23       East Tennessee State University 18 v Mercer University 30       Florida Gulf Coast University 5 v Auburn University 34       Massachusetts Institute of Technology 18 v The Ohio State University 31       University of Texas at Arlington 24 v University of Florida 30       

Winona State University Results

Tournament:WSU Club Invite
Location:Winona, MN
Tournament Brackets Link:
125 Top 3 Individuals
1.Che HerMinnesota Duluth
2.Sam RockstrohNorthland International
3.Tyler LatiniNorthland International
133 Top 3 Individuals
1.Aaron JespersonWayne State
2.Justin HiraeIowa State WC
3.Tony McNuttWayne State
141 Top 3 Individuals
1.Mike MartchevMinnesota Duluth
2.Nick WingertWinona State
3.Nathan MeeNorthland International
149 Top 3 Individuals
1.Zach CooperIowa State WC
2.Wesley FoxNorthland International
3.Colton OckerMinnesota Duluth
157 Top 3 Individuals
1.Brent LouisMinnesota Duluth
2.Taylor NordgrenMinnesota Duluth
3.Connor ParisauMinnesota Duluth
165 Top 3 Individuals
1.Samuel HiseMinnesota Duluth
2.Allyn GonsorWayne State
3.Jake HansonMinnesota Duluth
174 Top 3 Individuals
1.John GrygelkoMinnesota Duluth
2.Dylan NelsonIowa State WC
3.Jon WilliamsWayne State
184 Top 3 Individuals
1.Rob PeterWayne State
2.TJ LewisMinnesota Duluth
3.Trevor DammonIowa State WC
197 Top 3 Individuals
1.Mark BenningIowa State WC
2.Eric WeigelWinona State
3.Corey DevineWayne State
285 Top 3 Individuals
1.Alex NelsonIowa State WC
2.Steve PattersonWinona State
3.Dylan OrrWinona State

Coaches Comments:

Reported by: Derek Olson of Winona State University

Brackets: Click Here

Wayne State College 51 v Winona State University 4 11/01/13
WSU Club Invite 10/29/2011
Winona State University Invite 1/29/11
WSU Club Invite 1/29/2011
2010 WSU Club Tourny 1/30/2010
Winona State University 36 v University of Toledo 17 11/14/09
Winona State University 30 v Virginia Military Institute 24 11/14/09
University of Southern Indiana 31 v Winona State University 24 11/14/09
Winona State University 36 v University of Toledo 17 11/14/09
Winona State University 42 v Southern Virginia University 10 11/14/09
University of Dayton 33 v Winona State University 21 11/14/09
Northland Baptist Bible College 24 v Winona State University 22 2/13/09
Maranatha Baptist Bible College 30 v Winona State University 27 02/12/09
Northland Baptist Bible College 22 v Winona State University 30 02/12/09
Wis/Minn Regional Club Championships 1/31/2009
North Counrty Open 02/08/08