University of Southern California 23 v University of Arizona 41       University of Arizona 27 v Dixie State College 31       University of Arizona 33 v Glendale Community College 23       Valley Forge Military College 6 v Temple University 47       Middle Tennessee State University 13 v The Apprentice School 22       University of Central Florida 15 v Liberty University 23       East Tennessee State University 18 v Mercer University 30       Florida Gulf Coast University 5 v Auburn University 34       Massachusetts Institute of Technology 18 v The Ohio State University 31       University of Texas at Arlington 24 v University of Florida 30       

Wayne State College Results

Tournament:NCWA Great Plains Conference
Location:Wayne State College, NE
Tournament Brackets Link:
Top 5 Schools
1.Air Force Prep84.0
2.Wayne State College83.0
3.NW Missouri State58.5
4.Wichita State46.5
5.Colorado State24.0
125 Top 3 Individuals
1.Drew RomeroAir Force Prep
2.Tanner O'GormanWayne State College
3.Jesus OchoaColorado State
133 Top 3 Individuals
1.Nathan StreithorstColorado State
2.James Garcia Wayne State College
3.Alexander CalderonWayne State College
141 Top 3 Individuals
1.Travis Peter NW Missouri State
2.Zach Miller Wayne State College
3.Jackson AdamsColorado State
149 Top 3 Individuals
1.Robert WalkerAir Force Prep
2.Anthony Monares Wichita State
3.Kyle BellNW Missouri State
157 Top 3 Individuals
1.Samuel Kreimier Air Force Prep
2.Devin Webber Wichita State
3.Devon RuppWayne State College
165 Top 3 Individuals
1.Danny ApgarNW Missouri State
2.Micheal Billingsley Air Force Prep
3.Drake Schafer NW Missouri State
174 Top 3 Individuals
1.Jon WilliamsWayne State College
2.Tanner ClarkWayne State College
3.Mitchell LeRoyColorado State
184 Top 3 Individuals
1.Zen IkeharaAir Force Prep
2.Matthew DeGarmoWayne State College
3.Wil RobinsonColorado State
197 Top 3 Individuals
1.Alex FreundNW Missouri State
2.Gerrit VanEngen Wayne State College
3.Michael HartWayne State College
235 Top 3 Individuals
1.Alejandr ChaparroWichita State
2.Dustin DaylessKansas State
3.Ryan BurnisonWayne State College
285 Top 3 Individuals
1.Jon Mullen Wayne State College
2.David Blazevic Wichita State
3.Elvin Hernandez Air Force Prep

Coaches Comments:

Reported by: Greg Vander Weil of Wayne State College

Brackets: Click Here

Marion Military Institute 33 v Wayne State College 20 01/24/2015
Wayne State College 19 v The Apprentice School 28 01/24/2015
Wayne State College 66 v University of North Florida 0 1/24/15
Wayne State College 20 v Marion Military Institute 33 1/24/15
Wayne State College 19 v The Apprentice School 28 1/24/15
Wayne State College 42 v University of Maryland / Baltimore County 20 1/23/15
Wayne State College 51 v University of Toledo 6 1/23/15
Wayne State College 60 v Auburn University 3 1/23/15
University of Maryland / Baltimore County 20 v Wayne State College 42 01/23/15
Wayne State College 118 v University of Toledo 17 01/23/15
Wayne State College 156 v Auburn University 3 01/23/15
Wayne State College NCWA Invite 11/8/14
Wayne State College 42 v Colorado State University - Ft. Collins 21 10/7/14
Wayne State College 66 v Wichita State University 0 10/7/14
NCWA Great Plains Conference 3/1/14
Wayne State College 51 v Winona State University 4 11/01/13
Wayne State College 40 v Kansas State University 16 11/01/13
WSC Invite 11/02/13
Northwestern College,IA 30 v Wayne State College 21 01/10/13
Northwest Missouri State University 21 v Wayne State College 29 12/04/10
Northwest Missouri State University 21 v Wayne State College 29 12/04/2010