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Team Press Releases

College Wrestling is Back at Lynchburg

08/20/2010 -
In the 1980's Lynchburg College, like several other colleges across the United States, cut their wrestling program due to Title IX. Nearly thirty years later, the program has found its way back onto the campus. President and Founder, Travis Marshall, says, "It's like these guys were waiting for their calling. As soon as the news got out about a wrestling team at Lynchburg College, they swarmed to the sign-ups!" Marshall was an avid wrestler of Brookville High School, the Seminole District champions for the past 42 years. "I knew I wanted to wrestle in college and my family has always gone to Lynchburg College. So when I found out that the wrestling program was no longer there, I knew that I had to get to work and bring it back!" After months of searching for a set of mats that they could afford with the small amounts of fundraising that they had accumulated, they came across a set of mats at a nearby high school that was advertising their sale over the internet. The Lynchburg College Wrestling Team now has the essentials. "We worked hard to get the money for our mats, our singlets, our headgear, a scale, and all the proper cleaning equipment...now we just need competition," says Marshall. So with their first competitive season just around the corner, Lynchburg College has already set up matches against Longwood University, Radford University, the Apprentice School, and James Madison University. Marshall feels that it will be a promising first season for the new team, "I am really looking forward to seeing how we size up to the other teams. Hopefully we can hold our own!" So if you are in the area and looking for some excitement, pleaase come support Lynchburg College Wrestling.
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