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Glendale Community College Results

Tournament:2014 West Coast Conference
Location:Dixie State University, UT
Tournament Brackets Link:None
Top 5 Schools
1.Grand Canyon University222.00
2.Brigham Young University108.00
3.Dixie State University96.50
4.University of Southern California63.50
5.Glendale Community College57.50
125 Top 3 Individuals
1.A J SalazarGrand Canyon
2.Johnny AlonzoU C Santa Barbara
3.Ty mangumDixie State
133 Top 3 Individuals
1.Lino EstradoGrand Canyon
2.Jack GaylorGlendale
3.Robby MinorDixie State
141 Top 3 Individuals
1.Zach ZehnerGrand Canyon
2.Brandon GroomsBrigham Young
3.Justin HorsleyBrigham Young
149 Top 3 Individuals
1.Mike HamelGrand Canyon
2.Nicholas CegelskiU S C
3.Jordan ElmerBrigham Young
157 Top 3 Individuals
1.Bryant WoodGrand Canyon
2.Aaron CamisDixie State
3.Derek AllenBrigham Young
165 Top 3 Individuals
1.Juan Carlos MaynesGrand Canyon
2.Armand FarrokhU S C
3.Thomas BurtonBrigham Young
174 Top 3 Individuals
1.Martin FabbianGrand Canyon
2.Alex NicholesBrigham Young
3.Quentin GrillGlendale
184 Top 3 Individuals
1.Austin GaunGrand Canyon
2.Kebba FaalGlendale
3.Shane LagunaU S C
197 Top 3 Individuals
1.Marcus HaughianGrand Canyon
2.Jalen WeaverDixie State
3.Trevor DunnBrigham Young
235 Top 3 Individuals
1.Brian CurtisDixie State
2.Nate ZobottGrand Canyon
3.Lars OvesonBrigham Young
285 Top 3 Individuals
1.Peter AnguianoGrand Canyon
2.Kyle LaneBrigham Young
3.Eduardo CisnerosGlendale

Coaches Comments:
Conference Coach of the Year - Brian Pace - Dixie State Most valuable Wrestler - 149 Mike Hamel - Grand Canyon

Reported by: Mickey Nunez of Glendale Community College

Brackets: Click Here

Unattached Eagle Raslin Club 20 v Glendale Community College 24 11/01/14
Embry Riddle University 45 v Glendale Community College 6 11/01/14
2014 West Coast Conference 3/1/2014
Glendale Community College 56 v Estrella Mtn. College 12 02/20/14
Glendale Community College 30 v South Mtn. College 24 02/19/14
Glendale Community College 28 v University of Southern California 24 1/18/14
Dixie State College 30 v Glendale Community College 22 01/10/14
Glendale Community College 3 v Menlo College 44 01/24/13
University of Southern California 24 v Glendale Community College 28 01/18/13
University of California - Santa Barbara 9 v Glendale Community College 34 01/18/13
American Spartans 21 v Glendale Community College 24 12/10/13
U of A 0 v Glendale Community College 37 12/10/2013
Dixie State College 29 v Glendale Community College 21 1/10/14
Sac City College 52 v Glendale Community College 6 11/16/13
Sac State College 24 v Glendale Community College 27 11/16/13
Delta College 27 v Glendale Community College 21 11/16/13
Embry Riddle University 27 v Glendale Community College 18 11/09/13